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Picky 2 Oligo Microarray Design Oligo Sets
C. elegans
E. coli
Plasmodium falciparum

Picky 1 Oligo Microarray Design Oligo Sets


Oligo Microarray Design Tutorials
Guided Tour
Animated Tutorial

Gene Assembly
Microarray Calibration
shRNA Design

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Sign in to download 32-bit Picky software

Please sign in and provide the password you have received via email when you register for the free 32-bit Picky license. If you have forgotten your password, simply reenter your email in the registration page and it will be sent to you shortly. Picky 64-bit version licensees please go directly to the URL provided in your account creation notification email to download the 64-bit versions of Picky.

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How to obtain the 64-bit version of Picky

  1. If you are a commercial user and wish to license the 64-bit Picky for commercial use, please visit the Iowa State University Research Foundation Technology Details Page for Picky and contact the listed License Associate there for Picky commercial licenses..
  2. If you are an academic, government or other nonprofit user and wish to obtain the 64-bit Picky, please follow the following instructions.
  3. Note that nonprofit 64-bit Picky licenses can only be granted to an institution, not an individual who has no institution affiliations.
  4. As the second paragraph of the nonprofit license said, "If you are a student, postdoc, or other non-permanent employee, you must get an appropriately authorized official to execute this agreement for your institution." This usually means your advisor, professor, or chairman should be the person executing the license agreement.
  5. Note that the person who filled out the license request must be the same person who is going to receive the account information. If we cannot confirm that the email provided belongs to the person named, or the person named does not seem to exist, the request will be denied as well.
  6. All the above being said, if you represent a nonprofit organization you can easily obtain a nonprofit use 64-bit Picky license without fee. Just go to the 64-bit Picky license request page and fill out your information there. Once we have confirmed your identity and everything else, we will create an account for you to download the 64-bit version of Picky.

Please email us any questions, comments or commercial license requests toNote that you must register your email first so your emails will not be filtered out as spams.

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