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Currently, we decided to release Lucy2 in the X11 format that contains exactly the same functionality of Lucy2 as on the other platforms (Linux and Windows). The reason for that is the Lucy2 built for the native Mac interface "wasn't there yet". We are still working on that but we are not sure when the native interface will be as good as the X11 version, especially now X11 can be freely available from Apple's website and it's a snap to install it. The only downside for the X11 Lucy2 is that it does not run on Classic Mac OS 8 or 9.

Go to Apple's website for X11 and download a copy of X11 for Mac OS X:

See the detailed information Apple provided to configure and execute X11 applications on your Mac:

Follow the directions there to install X11 onto your Mac. Then download Lucy2 from our website (this page) and run it inside an xterm window (the X11 side of the Terminal). The xterm window should appear after double clicking on the X11 application. To make the function key work on the X11 (so you can type command-q to quit Lucy2), create a file such as .xkeymap and copy the following lines into it:

clear Mod1
keycode 66 = Alt_L
keycode 69 = Alt_R
add Mod1 = Alt_L
add Mod1 = Alt_R

Then type the command 'xmodmap .xkeymap' to load the function key definition into the X server. If you want to make the happen every time to start X11, read the document that comes from X11 about the configuration file .xinitrc.

You should now be able to run Lucy2 by typing ./Lucy2 into the xterm window. If you have troubles using the xterm window please consult their help document at their website;

If you see the following message while running Lucy2 under Mac:
Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library, you can safely ignore it.

You can find more information from the following website:

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