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Version 2.20 (07/10/13):

  • Re-implementation of the Graphic User Interface for Lucy, based on the code-base of lucy 1.20. This version contains all functionality of lucy 1.20
  • The ability to read from and write to FASTQ data formats
  • An improved multi-threading computation capability different from the lucy 1.20 pthread models
  • The ability to independently open and process multiple input files in any order
  • True cross-platform deployment for Windows, Mac and Linux, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (on the Mac it's a single FAT application)
  • A new color scheme for sequence quality and trimming result representations
  • Improved parameter setting dialogs, use-helps, error-corrections and configuration saving across sessions
  • Overall stability and input data file compatibility improvements.

Version 2.19p-R6 (07/29/04):

  • Accept sequence file without correspondent quality file(assign every quality value to 60).
  • Eliminate empty lines in the sequence file.
  • Fixed a bug of wrong width of the output panel.

Version 2.19p-R5 (06/18/04):

  • Now lucy2 can read both MS-DOS style and UNIX style text files no matter what platform it is running on.
  • More restrictions on parameter values inputted by users, unrealistic inputs will be rejected..
  • Fixed some bugs so that Lucy2 can memorize vector file name and splicing file name correctly.

Version 2.19p-R4 (06/07/04):

  • Fixed refreshing problem on MS-Windows.
  • Corrected some typos of the parameter's descriptions.

Version 2.19p-R3 (05/18/04):

The new feature of this release is using different colors to mark the regions generated by quality trimming and vector trimming. After the computation, the quality-trimmed region will turn grey, and the vector-trimmed region will turn white.

Version 2.19p-R2 (04/09/04):

There are three new features added to Lucy Version 2.19p:
1. Support loading multiple files( up to 10, can be changed easily though)
2. Memorize parameters. (you can choose "Default settings" to reset)
3. Support mouse wheel.

Version 2.19p-R1 (03/09/2004):

This is the first version of LUCY version 2.x(or LUCY2). LUCY2 is a GUI-based DNA sequence quality trimming and vector removal software which provides the full functionality of the correspondent version of LUCY1. Therefore, version 2.19p has the same LUCY algorithm as version 1.19p's.

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