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Most of the bioinformatic tools operating on DNA data assume that the sequences are trustworthy. However, raw data obtained from sequencing machines often violate this assumption. The tool Lucy1 was previously created to solve the raw data quality assurance problem.

Lucy2 is a raw DNA sequence trimming and visualization tool based on the command-line tool Lucy1. Lucy1 was originally designed for high-throughput DNA sequencing centers to easily "plug-in" to their data streams; therefore it is operated exclusively through a command-line syntax. This style of operation was not suitable to individuals who may just like to trim a few sequences since it is inconvenient for users to operate with Lucy1 command-line syntax and to memorize its parameters. With Lucy2, these users can perform Lucy1's functionality through a much friendlier user interface. In addition, Lucy2 gives the option for users to physically remove the bad region before saving the data.

Lucy2 is an open source project. The binary executable files are currently available on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Introduction to Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to give users a basic understanding of the functions of Lucy2. Users should be able to perform the following tasks upon completion of the tutorial:

  • Load a gene sequence
  • Compute the sequence using parameters defined by the program
  • Understand and identify meaning of the various highlighted colors, underlined sequences and text colored sequences
  • Cut DNA based on Lucy quality value

    Guided Tour of Lucy2

    Buttons from left to right: *Open sequence files *Save sequence files *Close sequence files *Compute sequence files *Trim DNA based on quality value

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