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1. Loading an existing rule

The second example project to examine is the One Dimensional Cellular Automata. This project is also available with the download of TREND. Once the project has been downloaded, select the File option from the .CA screen and select Get template... Navigate to the local directory in which the project has been saved. Next, find and select the project named model.tmpl. TREND will open the .rule and .ca screens as well. This is the case only as long as they all exist in the same directory. Click and drag the screens to the empty portions of the desktop so all three screens are visible as they are below (click on the figure to see a larger one).

In this example, the coding window has been enlarged a bit in order for the whole rule to be shown. It is recommended to include comments within the code. As was stated in the first example for The Game of Life, comments can be initiated with a double slash (//) as well as slash asterick (/*)...(*/) for block comments extending more than one line.

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