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1. Mouse Searching For Food

The next example project to look at is the Mouse Maze. The idea is to have a cell start out being considered the mouse. And that mouse has to go through the maze until it finds food. Once the mouse is able to find food, the program stops. In this example, there is only one mouse and only one cell that is the food. Below is the CA space for this example. Again this can be loaded by finding the local directory in which the TREND is located. Select the File option from the .CA screen and select Get template... Navigate to the local directory in which the project has been saved. Next, find and select the project named mouse_maze.tmpl. TREND will open the .rule and .ca screens as well. This is the case only as long as they all exist in the same directory

The mouse is assigned the symbol "M", and is in the upper left hand corner of the CA screen. The food is assigned the symbol "F" and is in the lower right hand corner. The cells assigned the symbols "X" are the walls of the maze. The mouse must go around the walls in order to find the food. The path the mouse takes will be represented by the symbols "^, V, >, <". And the symbol "d" is used to represent a dead end. And the symbol "V" is assigned to the mouse when it finds the food. Below are the .tmpl for the two fields in this example.

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