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Mango 1.23 New simulation features and improvements --- 11/11/2015

  • Added new pause() function to synchronize visualization during Gel code execution; this provides a mechanism to conduct simulations and animations on networks in Mango
  • Replaced KEGG database download code to dramatically improve the speed and reliability of KEGG downloads on Windows computers
  • Automatic Mango version update check on program start-up
  • Improved Mango version check under unreliable network conditions
  • Improved About Mango dialog text placement and layout

Mango 1.22 Minor bug fixes and improvements --- 10/08/2015

  • Improved KEGG database download reliability on Windows computers
  • Improved compatiblity between Mango import and export functions and Excel CSV and TSV exports
  • Improved Gel save command output to allow node and link attributes that contain special characters
  • Improved Gel script editor to auto create an Untitled.txt on Mango startup
  • Improved Gel script editor and command window text buffering with the Gel compiler; added ESC key to stop Gel code execution and clean up input buffer

Mango 1.21 Minor bug fixes and improvements --- 10/02/2015

  • Added match function minimal match argument value check to prevent invalid values
  • Corrected match function help text to match its argument list
  • Improved KEGG download response time and data mapping versatility

Mango 1.20 Many new features added --- 09/28/2015

  • Multi-threading to allow asynchronous exchange of user typed Gel command(s), Gel executions and Graph visualizations
  • Added Gel script editor with keyword coloring and hot keys to run commands line by line
  • Data panel now shows data value and type. Node, link and graph objects can be expanded to display attributes
  • New KEGG dialog window to fetch biological pathways data from with options to merge them
  • Added R_MATrix, a recursive random graph generator function
  • Added match function for sequence comparison among node attributes
  • Added map function that can map graph nodes either based on another graph or on one of the node attributes
  • Added Gel functions such as substr, toUpper, toLower, map, floor, ceil, abs, asin, acros, atan, pow ...
  • Added looping constructs such as while, for, and do with timer control and exception handling
  • Added intersect and negate operators
  • More efficient save functions to reduce duplicative node names
  • Added a handy auto graph type to be the recipient of graph expansions

Mango 1.10 Some new features added --- 03/10/2015

  • New visualization options (nodes have more labeling options)
  • Recognize standard escape sequences in strings, e.g., \n and \t
  • Present directory name shows up in status bar
  • Graphs with different node names can now be merged without renaming
  • More efficient attribute value merging between different graphs
  • Usability improvement to Windows version command console
  • Fixed a few floating point number parsing bugs
  • Adopted a brand-new About Mango background image
  • Renamed commands: print -> dump and echo -> print
  • Improved Export and Import functions

Mango 1.01 Fixed UI bugs on Windows version of Mango --- 01/09/2015

Mango 1.00 First Public Release --- 12/08/2014

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