Credit and FAQ --- edited by llh

I cannot see Chinese. What can I do?
Please try IE5(Microsoft Internet Explorer v.5). It supports fonts for multi-languages. Once you load
the main page, which is Chinese BIG5 encoded, IE5 prompts you to get the right font. Just go for it, and you are all set.

If you are an anti-MSer, uh, you have to do some more work. Most of the major browsers do not support the fonts, although various encodings are supported, like Netscape and MSIE earlier versions.

I suppose that you are in an English environment. If you are using PC, either Windows 9x, or NTs, you have a few choices,

ChinseGateway uses the same kernel as UnionWay, but the interface is better. Twinbridge is the hardest one to use(and more bugs, according to my experience), but, strangely, it is the most popular one. (I guess their marketing department is doing a great job --- sell the poorest product successfully). NJStar is developed in Australia. It has less bugs, but the default font is ugly. Anyway, if you don't care about inputing Chinese characters, why bother to use those bugs-everywhere Chinese systems? At least your system won't freeze or crash if you use MSIE5.

If you are a UNIX user, I remember that "cxterm" is pretty good. There are a few mirror sites for download. Just use your search engine.

More options can be found at YouCool (the old Chinese Cyber City) How to read Chinese

Well, I am still confused. Do we have an English version?
Uh,........You are killing me. I wonder if I have energy to do extra work in the near future. Dear, could you do me a favor? Just try the above or ask people around you. You miss a lot of fun stuff if you cannot read Chinese on-line. And you know that I don't mean our class website.

After I typed in my information, I decided to add my English name, and then realized that I need to re-input everything. Oh, that hurts a lazy boy. Can we fix that?
If you input your personal password(not group password) at the very
beginning, your old data can be retrieved. If your browser keeps the history, just simply press the "Back" button a few times to the right page. Then modify what you just typed. Then press the "Submit: data is updated immediately" button.

Why do we need to type the password at almost every single page?
The reason why we put so many password protections is because we do not want spammers to grab our email addresses. I don't know about your situation, but in my case I got tons of spam junk emails everyday and I am totally pissed off by that. I believe our classmates won't mind spending a little bit time typing the password instead of having to remove tons of junk emails everyday in the rest of their life. :-) --- answered by hhchou

Why are my data fields in a mess?
Is any data field of yours end with the pipe symbol |?Most normal addresses, telephone numbers, or homepage urls do not end with a |. Unfortunately, we use Chinese. It's very likely that a 2-byte Chinese character ends with |(For example, the last Chinese character of
b74506007's name). The reason why the ending | causes trouble is because the double pipe symbols || is used as field separator for our flat-file database. To avoid this situation, just simply add a trailing white space. Then your | won't mixed with my field separator ||. Therefore, any | in the middle of a field, or at the very beginning, is safe. But all || of your input will be replaced with "or", which is NOT transferred back to || when your old data is retrieved. I wish you don't mind this inconvenience. If your data is still in a mess, please email me. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

For those who are curious ......

Who made this website?

If you ever visited Editors' Corner, you know who we are. But here I can give you a more detailed answer. First of all, our sole sponsor ISU Complex Computation Lab is supported by Professor H.H. Chou. So you know he is the real boss. Unlike all the other free web pages sponsors, our sponsor doesn't ask anything for return. This is very important. Otherwise, we all have to suffer: Either get dizzy by those animated advertisements on every single page, or keeps clicking those windows on the fly. So here again, many thanks to our sponsor.

What about the real work?
It's not true that H.H. said he just provided the space. Our mailing list is his work. I remember those days when he was testing the
"Email to All", my mail boxes were full of those testing emails. Besides, he is very supportive. Before I had anything in hand, he gave me total write privilege on the homepage, including implementing server side programs. You all know how hard it is to let another programmer touch your personal workstation, especially she had no experiences on CGI programming. While I was developing the homepage, we also had countless emails, and phone calls to discuss the functions, security, etc. He played the role as the supervisor, if I were the hard working Ph.D. student. When the code was ready for testing, he worked as a QA(Quality Assurance, i.e. bug finder). Once the work is done, he acted as a good-mannered customer. If you somehow agree that I have done a good job for this web site, I would like to give my honor to him. It's a lonely journey to write a homepage, which we knew in advance wouldn't get hot response.

Which authoring tool did you use?
No, not Frontpage, not Dreamweaver, just a plain text editor. Notepad is its name. Most pages you saw were generated by the CGI programs I wrote, including the address book, email list, personal homepage excerpts, to name a few.

Where did you get those graphic images?
The bugs on the
front page comes from MS Publisher's clip art collection. The drawing with crocodile, rabbit, frog and duck, comes from James Stevenson's book "Monty". The girl and boy who are making "Origami"(paper folding) on the Editors Corner are the art work of Hayashi Akiko, a Japanese children's book illustrator. The gorilla of redirect pages are from Peggy Rathmann's book "Good Night, Gorilla". And the rest are my work. I do have an image processing software. No, not Photoshop 5. It's PhotoImpact 4.2, a copy I bought with a great bargain.

Where are you?
Uh, you know it's me,
Li-Ling Huang. To know more, you can visit my home page, which I should spend some more time with. Unlike my daughter, my four-month-old son got only one picture there. I think it's time to finish this project. This web site can go on with little maintenance from now on.