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Denise Mooney is currently a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Genetics and minors in Statistics and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is involved in many campus events and organizations including BLAST (Biological Leadership Assistant Student Team), Biological Sciences Club, Dance Marathon, LEAP (Leadership Enrichment Program) and is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. Denise's main interests include genetics, business, web development and travel. Denise plans on attending graduate school in 2005 for Bioinformatics.

Denise spent most of her life in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Previous work experience included working as a veterinary assistant for over three years. During the spring semester of 2002, Denise attended the Universiy of Georgia in Athens through the National Student Exchange Program. Denise enjoys many outdoor activities as well as spending time with friends and family. She has traveled throughout the world, including most of Europe and Costa Rica.

Denise works at the Complex Computer Lab as a research assistant in the area of Computational Biology. Functions of the job include Beta-testing software, web management and research.

You may visit web sites that she has developed at the following site;

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