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Michael Burman
NTU CS Alumni Class of 1989Former ProjectsDeveloper Information
Undergraduate student of Computer Engineering.

Michael Burman is a senior attending Iowa State University in Ames, IA. He is majoring in computer engineering. Michael was born and raised in St. James, Minnesota, a small town in south central MN with the population around 4,000. St. James is 30 miles west of Mankato and 120 miles southwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul. His parents, Linda and Dwight Burman, have two other younger boys besides Mike. Doug, the middle child, is now a sophmore attending North Dakota State University in Fargo ND. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering. Greg, the youngest child, is a junior in high school. All children are very active in sports and have done very well in there particular sporting events.

You will never find Mike standing still becuase he is always keeping active in some way or another. Mike likes to do many thing athletic. If he is not playing the current intramural sport, he is running or lifting. Playing computer games is another activity that Mike does alot of. Age of Kings, Quake, Perfect Dark, and Real Tournement are amoung his favorites. Mike also like so spend time with his friends. Hanging out and just being a dork is what Mike does the best. He is very friendly and easy going.

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