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In recent decades, biomedical researches have faced a new and daunting task of interpreting tremendous amounts of information that have been generated in such areas as genomics, microarrays and proteomics. Specialized data extraction and conversion programs are needed to interpret such data for rapid advancement in biomedical research.

Vect essentially is a visual extraction conversion program that provides biomedical researches with minimal computer programming background a way to generate data extraction and conversion programs. Vect provides a convenient graphical user interface that allows using common point and click methods to extract and arrange data in the way that is useful to their purposes and then provides the computer program to generate such results on other documents with the same formatting. Vect can be used with virtually any text format generated from computational technologies, making Vect a powerful tool for biomedical scientists.

* Please note that this version of Vect is still under development and subject to change. More features will be added in the near future.

Introduction to Tutorial

This tutorial is designed especially for biomedical researchers to give a basic understanding of the functions of Vect for data extraction and conversion.  Users should be able to perform the following tasks upon completion of the tutorial;

  • Load a target data file
  • Select data to be used in the output
  • Apply rules to the selected data set
  • Arrange the data in a desired format for output
  • Convert the final format to programming code

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