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Part IV <Perl Program>

20. Go to Perl Program panel and click Compile.

You can see the result in Perl code! This perl code is basically a perl program that will do exactly what you just did in Vect, selecting data, inserting rules and organizing data.

Click Run to test how the program works!

Congratulation! You created a Perl program to calculate total number of each patent!

You can save this perl program to your computer. This will automate a lot of tasks for you.

For example, suppose that you have10,000 files that are in a same format and you want to extract certain data. You can input one of those files, create some rules in vect, and save the resulting perl program. Then, input all the 10,000 files into the perl program you just created in Vect. It will automatically do the same program for all the 10,000 files.

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Aug 2004

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Nov 2005

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