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Part III <Organize Data>

Now, the numbers are summed up by patent name. Let's insert another rule to obtain only the name of patents from the “Rule 3: Summary” data.

 13. Click Insert and choose “To pick some data from other rules.”

Click “OK” and name it “Output Types.” (or something that makes sense to you)

It will bring a new rule to the Convert Data panel. The image is shown below:

Click “????” and select “Summary.”


14. To pick only the NAME of PATENTS from “Summary” data, click "item 0" and from the pull down menu and change it to “item 1”. Also, change "every" to “every 2 nd.”

You also want to pick only the number from the “Rule 3: Summary” data, so let's insert the same rule as step 13,“To pick some data from other rules”.

 15. Repeat step 13. (Insert the rule “To pick some data from other rules” and name it “Output Values.”) To pick only the TOTAL NUMBER of each patentfrom the “Summary” data, change every to “every 2 nd.”

The reason why you picked the NAME of PATENT and the TOTAL NUMBER separately is to organize in a way that you want! You will see why you did that later.

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