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4. Manipulating Data with Perl (1)

Now, we want to add up the Female data and the HS data. To do this, we have to
write a simple Perl subroutine (don't panic, it's only a few lines long!)

4.1 Sum Up Two Columns

Click Insert and choose the rule "To write simple Perl code to convert data".
Click OK and give it a meaningful name such as "HS + Female".

Click on "user rule",and you'll get a dialog box with some perl code in it.

Don't worry if it looks long! It's actually a lot of comments, that is, not real code, just text meant to give you help. In perl, # sign preceding a sentence means it's a comment. The code given is also the default code that's given as a crutch for you. We will be editing this default code to suit our needs.

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