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[Download ZIP file of this tutorial]

1. Introduction

Let's do some number crunching. This example is simple and may be done in Excel, but it is nonetheless meant to demonstate how Vect can be used for number manipulation.

We will be using a data set about cigarette consumption, so download it by clicking here. After you load it, this is what your screen should look like initially:

If you can't see the pictures clearly, click on the pictures on get a larger view of them!! You will find them very helpful as you follow the tutorial :)

What you should get out of this tutorial:
1)how to extract numbers from text
2)how to write simple perl function to aid in data manipulation.

This tutorial is made up of 4 parts:
1) Selecting Data We Want
2) Manipulating Data with Rules
3) Manipulating Data with Perl
4) Template Editing to Format Output

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