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This section contains the instructions to install Perl on the three widely used Operating systems, especially in the field of Bioinformatics: Windows, Unix and Macintosh OS. With the recent increase in the number of developers working with Perl, Perl related resources have become abundant both in print and online and the process of installing and setting up Perl have become manageable even to those who are not very familiar with computers.

The given instructions are mainly geared towards those who don't work with computers day to day and/or new to computers, but would like to have perl installed on their machines, for running various applications.

Perl is freely available on the web and its distributions are available for almost all the well known Operating Systems. Even if the binary distribution is not available, the source code is always available to build for a specific Operating System. The instructions focus on installing from binary distributions of Perl, on three Operating Systems, Unix, Windows and Mac OS.

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