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**** Version 1.01 (01/26/2004):

On the Windows version, when a SelectRule was moved back to the Input Data panel for re-editing, its very existence in the Convert Data panel was not removed. This can cause a nasty double-reference problem, which has been fixed.

Also on the Windows version, when a new SelectRule is moved to the Convert Data panel, it is selected but not seen as selected by the GUI.

On the Convert Data panel, when a rule is folded or unfolded multiple time, the same rule is selected and de-selected multiple time. Now folding or unfolding a rule does not change its selection status.

Added a new statement "pos = 0;" on the main part of generated Perl code to cope with older versions of Perl which did not initialize the pos function properly (Mac10.2 be one of the case).

Improved the installation bundles of Windows and Mac.

**** Version 1.00 (01/11/2004):

Just released the first version of Vect at the 2004 Plant and Animal Genomes Meeting.

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